Around 50,000 protest spending cuts in Barcelona: police

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Around 50,000 people in Barcelona joined a nationwide protest against spending cuts, unemployment and governemnt corruption on Sunday, police said.

The "indignant" protest movement, which organised a similar demonstration in the capital Madrid and in roughly 100 small towns and cities around Spain, encouraged people to protest against the government response to the country's perilous financial situation.

"The street is ours. We are not going to pay for their crisis," shouted demonstrators as they moved through two main squares in central Barcelona, capital of the Catalan region and Spain's second largest city.

In their call to protesters, the "indignants" said the politicians and bankers who caused the crisis should be told that workers and the unemployed will not passively accept the solutions proposed by powerful interests.

Demonstrators also said they were frustrated by the government's failure take on corruption and an address unemployment rate, which stands at 21 percent.

In Madrid, the El-Mundo newspaper quoted police as saying that up to 40,000 demonstrators flooded the city streets Sunday, blaming bankers and politicians for causing a financial crisis that forced the country to adopt painful spending cuts.

In Valencia, Spain's third largest city, several thousand people also took to the streets to tail against the government's austerity measures.

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  • republican posted:

    on 1st July 2011, 15:10:29 - Reply

    Thank GOD I got the fuck out of that third world country a couple of years ago..what´s taking the rest of you soo long?? The writing has been on the wall in these PIIGS for a while now..get out while you can, or lock your doors and windows, hide the women and children, and learn´s just gonna get worse!
  • gavilan posted:

    on 22nd June 2011, 21:33:13 - Reply

    and to be sure, with 50k people the police were very well behaved.Guernica!!