Amnesty accuses Spain police of racial profiling

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Spanish police often illegally discriminate against people based on their race when they stop them for identity checks, rights group Amnesty International said on Wednesday.

"Investigations by Amnesty International and other organisations reveal that the practice of applying racial profiling is very widespread in Spain among officials charged with upholding the law," it said in a report.

"Discriminatory identity checks and police raids in Spain are a reality that the authorities cannot continue overlooking," it said, pointing out that such racial profiling is forbidden by law.

"This practice contributes to increasing racism and xenophobia," Amnesty added.

A report in March by the United Nations' Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination urged Spain to end identity checks based on race.

Spain's outgoing Socialist government has consistently denied such discrimination takes place.

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    Amnesty International's Video News Report titled: 'Stop Racism, Not People' about the issue of Racial Discrimination and Ethnic Profiling of Migrants in Spain,: