60 artists protest Murcia arts festival

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Performers refuse to participate in October's Alter-Arte festival after the Popular Party bans controversial Italian comedian Leo Bassi.

29 September 2008

MADRID -- Around 60 artists refused to participate in Murcia's Alter-Arte festival in October in unity with Italian comic Leo Bassi, whose controversial stand-up comedy show “Bassibus” was canceled by regional authourities earlier in September.

The artists are protesting what they consider censorship by the conservative Popular Party government of the south-eastern Spanish region, which asked Bassi to postpone his show until after the party holds its regional convention on 10-11 October.

The comic often uses “Bassibus” as a platform to attack corruption, questionable urban development and connections between politicians and big business.

Regional officials denied the accusations of censorship and questioned the number of performers who pulled out.

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