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Young woman murdered, sexually abused

26 January 2004

OVIEDO – An investigation has been launched into the murder of a 21-year-old woman who appeared to have been sexually abused, police said Monday.

The body of Sheila Lorena Barreda was discovered inside a vehicle parked in a recreation area in Degana, in Asturias, in north-west Spain.

The police investigation is concentrating on the circle of friends and acquaintances of Barreda.

She worked at the weekends in a pub in a village called Villablino.

Her body was found by her brother on Sunday at around midday inside a Peugot 206 parked in a recreation area in Degana, a little more than 200 metres between the borders of the regions of Asturias and Leon.

This area was frequently visited by courting couples.

Barreda used this road to go home when she finished her work on Saturdays at the Joe King pub.

One of her brothers went out to look for her, before her parents became worried because she was late getting back and was not answering her mobile telephone.

He found her body in the vehicle.

The young woman appeared to have died from blows to the head, was partially naked and appeared to have a scarf tied around her neck.

The causes of Barreda’s death will not be known until the autopsy is finished Monday.

It should be able to determine if she died from the blows that she received or by strangulation and if she was sexually abused.

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