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Workers injured in police clashes

17 February 2004

SEVILLE – Fifty steel workers were injured Tuesday in clashes with police during a demonstration. Some 22 police officers were also hurt.

The clashes took place as the workers at Izar, in Seville, demonstrated over working conditions.

Ignacio Sanchez, president of the shop stewards committee of Izar, said most of the fighting took place when police went to the factory and were charged in the car park.

There were 72 people injured and a large number of cars damaged.

Witnesses said three workers were taken away in an ambulance. They were suffering from breathing problems and the after-effects of inhaling tear gas.

The workers, according to Sanchez, were meeting to analyse the work situation and will contact the management of the factory to report their version of events.

The trouble started when 300 workers held a stoppage between 10am and 2pm and staged a demonstration at the doors of the factory where they repair boats.

But they were met by police and fighting broke out.

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