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Woman’s murder prompts calls for tougher action

1 April 2004

GRANADA – The murder of a woman by her ex-partner while under a new protection order has prompted calls for tougher action to stop domestic violence, it was reported Thursday.

Encarnacion Rubio, 46, a mother-of-two, was run over three times by her ex-partner and later died near her home in Cullar-Vega, near Granada in Andalusia, southern Spain.

She was the first woman to be murdered after being placed under a new protection order.

The orders were brought in last year in an effort to crack down on domestic violence.

But despite a rise in the number of women who asked to be put under protection, the number of cases in Spain increased in 2003 by 30 percent.

Rubio’s ex-partner Francisco Jimenez Uceda had been ordered by a judge not to go within 100 metres of Rubio.

But as she was leaving her job Tuesday, he ran her over and reversed over her body.

Despite efforts to save her, she died later.

Montserrat Comas, the magistrate in charge of the Observatory Against Domestic Violence, said: “In my opinion, this means that the government should look again and analyse the criteria used to impose these orders and the number of police who enforce them.”

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