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Woman advertised neighbour as prositute

Published on 11/12/2003

11 December 2003

PAMPLONA – A woman was fined for putting a neighbour’s name on an internet sex site advertising her as a prostitute, it was reported Thursday.

Viana Raquel received telephone calls to her family’s home from men who thought she was advertising sexual services.

But her 36-year-old neighbour had put her name, address and telephone number on a series of websites after falling out with her.

The neighbour, who was not named, was fined EUR 1,080 and ordered to pay Raquel EUR 6,000 in compensation by the court in Pamplona.

The court heard that the two had fallen out after Raquel had started a relationship with the neighbour’s brother-in-law.

In June 2002, the neighbour used her home computer to place advertisements on a series of web pages.

The victim started receiving phone calls at the home where she lives with her family which caused “anxiety” for all her relations, the court heard.

The judge said the victim suffered more because the false details were published through such an “incontrollable” medium like internet.

He also said the words used by the neighbour to describe Raquel were “dirty and obscene” and caused a “serious affront to her dignity, general reputation and self-esteem”.

The neighbour was caught after the advertisements were traced back to her own personal computer. But the woman claimed it was also used by her husband and 13-year-old daughter.

The court heard months before putting the bogus adverts on the Internet, the neighbour had started to verbally abuse the victim after she started a relationship with the accused’s brother-in-law.

The neighbour had frequently threatened Raquel and a state of “hate and animosity” existed between them.

This background and proof that her computer had been used to order the advertisements had proved the case against the neighbour.

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