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Virtual tribute to Atocha victims

Published on 09/06/2004

10 June 2004

MADRID – A virtual tribute to the victims of  the 11 March bomb attacks has replaced the mound of candles, cards, stuffed animals and other tributes at Madrid’s Atocha train station, it was reported Thursday.

Transport Minister Magdalena Alvarez inaugurated the video screen, which will play a five-minute video on two large screens around the clock.

Two interactive consoles accompanying the video will allow those who wish to pay tribute to the 191 people who died in the attacks to write messages, which will be projected onto a screen at the train station.

A web site has also been set up at www.mascercanos.com. where people can post messages and view the video, which contains tributes from anonymous citizens as well as celebrities.

The new installation will allow “feelings to be expressed without interfering with the use of the station and the work of the employees,” Albarez said.

Station employees had written an open letter asking for the removal of the spontaneous shrine to the March 11 victims because it was beginning to fray their nerves.

“Day after day, hour after hour, with the scent of the candles which penetrates our lungs like a malevolent fluid, we try, often in vain, to avoid ….this permanent reminder that is fraying our nerves,” the letter said.

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