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Violence victims could get personalised protection

10 June 2004

MADRID –Victims of domestic violence could be offered a personalised level of protection before alleged attackers have even been taken to court, it emerged Thursday.

Police would evaluate the level of risk for each woman before offering personalised protection under new proposals being considered by the Commission for the Pursuit of Protection.

The Commission is trying to find ways to stop women becoming victims of domestic violence.

Recently a female judge in Barcelona said there had been a number of false accusations by ‘victims’ who were trying to exploit the existing system.

At least one woman dies every week in Spain and the new Socialist government has introduced a raft of measures – due to become law later this year –  to try to prevent more attacks.

These include better protection of victims, more specialised police and judiciary and harsher sentences for attackers.

The proposal latest was put before the Commission Thursday by Montserrat Comas, of the Observatory Against Domestic Violence.

She said it would “improve police efficiency and coordination” with the justice system.

Women may also be offered 24-hour protection if it is appropriate, mobile phones to keep in contact with police. Attackers may also be electronically tagged.

Under existing protection orders, partners with a history of violence may not come within 500 metres of victims.

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