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Video reveals al-Qaeda threat

9 April 2004

MADRID- Police have found a videotape in the wreckage of the flat where seven Islamic terrorists blew themselves up that confirmed al-Qaeda’s role in the 11 March attack, it emerged Friday.

In the tape, the terrorists warned Spaniards: “We will kill you at any time and in any place.”

The tape was discovered in the building in Leganes in Madrid where the fundamentalists committed suicide last Saturday.

In the tape, they give Spain one week to remove its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Three heavily-armed people in Arab dress appear in the video reading a statement the terrorists recorded before they killed themselves, the Interior Ministry said.

In the statement, which has been translated into Spanish, the terrorists said they were speaking in the name of the al-Mufti and Ansar al-Qaeda Brigades.

“The brigades in al-Andalus” (the old Arabic name for Spain) have resolved to “continue on the path of Jihad and resistance,” so that Spanish troops “leave Muslim territory immediately,” it said.

“If you do not do this by a week from today (the date of the explosion at the Leganes apartment, 3 April) we will continue our Holy War to the death,” the terrorists vowed.

“You will enjoy no security, and be aware that Bush and his administration will bring nothing but destruction on you,” the statment continued.

It added: “We will kill you at any time and in any place.”

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