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Victoria Beckham ‘too Posh’to be with other football wives

9 June 2004

LISBON – Victoria Beckham has hired her own luxury villa rather than join the rest of England’s footballers’ wives at a five-star hotel in Portugal, it was reported Wednesday.

Partners of the England team will stay at the plush Penha Longa golf and spa resort just outside Lisbon as husbands or boyfriends prepare for Euro 2004 football tournament.

There they will be able to enjoy  a variety of upmarket health and beauty treatments.

But the ex-Spice Girl Victoria, 30, has decided to stay with her husband David and their two sons at a villa.

The singer — who jets to Portugal on Friday — rented the villa so she and her two sons can stay in private while supporting the Real Madrid star’s Euro campaign with England.

She is also planning to take her parents with her to help look after boys Brooklyn, five, and Romeo, one.

A source close to Victoria Beckham said: “Victoria wants privacy in Portugal. She feels she’ll be the centre of attention if she stays with all the other wives and girlfriends and hates the idea that everyone will be staring at her.

“It’s like a big competition between all the women as to who can be the most glamorous.

“She doesn’t really mix with all the other wives because she’s so paranoid about security and about people gossiping about her and David.

“She wants to be there to support David through every game and she thinks staying in her own villa will make that easier.”

David’s family, including mum Sandra and sister Joanne, are also expected to fly to Portugal to watch Sunday’s big kick-off against reigning European champions France.

Beckham flew out on Monday with his team-mates and national boss Sven Goran Eriksson.

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