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Victoria Beckham speaks out about ‘affairs’

24 May 2004

LONDON – Victoria Beckham has denied rumours that she and husband David have a money-making marriage of convenience, it was reported Monday.

The former Spice Girl, whose husband was accused of having two affairs, insisted in an interview with British Marie Claire magazine: “I could not live like that.”

And Victoria, who has decided to move to Madrid to spend the next football season with her husband, dismissed suggestions that she stayed with Beckham simply to make money through the ‘Beckham brand’.

She said:  “I couldn’t live a lie and it would be unfair on our children.

“We are working on things together, but our marriage is absolutely not a business arrangement.

“Could you for all the money in the world? I couldn’t.”

Victoria, 30, also broke her seven-week silence over Beckham’s alleged affairs with his former assistant Rebecca Loos, 26, and model Sarah Marbeck, 29.

She flatly denied the women’s claims, saying: “I know my David’s never cheated on me.”

And she branded them money-grabbing liars, saying: “I really do believe deep down that I have the most faithful husband I could hope for.

“I can honestly say I’m really lucky to have him.”

She said she never seriously believed 29-year-old David had cheated on her.

Rebecca Loos — who became the England captain’s PA when he moved to Real Madrid from Manchester United — claimed they began a passionate three-month affair last September.

Meanwhile, it was announced Monday that Real Madrid have sacked their manager, Carlos Quieroz, after a disappointing season. 

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