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Victims’ sculpture to reflect ‘hope not anguish’

Published on 14/04/2004

14 April 2004

MADRID – A sculpture by eminent painter and sculptor Antonio López is to grace the refurbished Atocha train station in Madrid, it was announced Wednesday.

The sculpture, which has been commissioned by Spanish rail company Renfe, will be dedicated to the 11 March victims, and is intended to reflect hope rather than fear and anguish.

The two-metre high bronze sculpture, to be called ‘Day and Night’, will depict two heads of a one-year-old girl, one awake and the other asleep.

According to the artist, the innocence and purity of a child’s face “transmits magic”.

This is López’s first commission for a large public space.

Still in the planning phase, the sculpture will take three or four years to complete.

Since his first grandchild was born seven years ago, children have been inspiring López’s works.

The commission came from Renfe before the 11 March massacre, in which 191 people were killed and more than 1,500 injured.

Many died at Atocha station, Madrid’s main commuter terminus. 

The artist decided not to change the original idea, since the two heads could also express the emotions felt after the tragedy.

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