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Unfaithful wife must pay husband USD 133,000

17 December 2004

VALENCIA – A Spanish court has awarded USD 133,000 in damages for pain and suffering to a man who sued his ex-wife after discovering that three of the couple’s four children were the fruit of an extramarital affair.

The court ruled that the woman had acted negligently in hiding the children’s true paternity and ordered her and her lover to pay damages to the cuckolded husband.

The couple were married in 1987 and – seven years later – the woman began a “stable” extramarital affair that lasted through until 2001, when the plaintiff sued for divorce, having learned of the infidelity.

The woman had three children – two boys and a girl – from her affair. They were born in 1996, 1997 and 1999.

All of the children were given her husband’s last name on their birth certificates, though the defendant said she knew “from the beginning” that he was not the father.

In September 2002, the victim underwent a paternity test that revealed he was not the children’s biological father, at which point the woman admitted they were another man’s.

From the time they separated to when he learned the truth, the man regularly sent his wife substantial child-support payments.

The plaintiff sought compensation for the suffering arising from the loss of his three children and his honour. He also sought reimbursement for his financial outlays.

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