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Two Spaniards crushed to death in Portugal avalanche

5 August 2005

MADRID – A man and woman killed by an avalanche in Portugal are believed to be Spanish.

The bodies of the couple, both in their 30s, were found buried beneath rocks at about 7pm on Thursday. They had been on the beach at Almagreira, about 100km from Lisbon.

After hearing of the rock fall, the Portuguese police had gone to the area and at first feared they would find numerous victims. Searches, though, revealed only the two bodies.

Both the Spanish Embassy and the Consul in Portugal believe that the pair are Spanish.

They were found along with a car, which had Madrid registration plates, and a bag containing two postcards in Spanish, addressed to Ciudad Real.

However, on Friday afternoon, the police said the car would not be opened up to hunt for their identification until the investigating judge arrives at the scene.

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