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Two brothers among latest massacre suspects

Published on 24/03/2004

24 March 2004

MADRID – The four suspects arrested in connection with the Madrid terrorist attacks were identified Tuesday.

Among the suspects are two brothers, Naima and Khalid Oulad Akcha, and Rafa Zuher  and Faisal Alluch, all of whom are Moroccan.

Oulad and Zuher appeared Wednesday before judge Juan del Olmo, who has been hearing from all the suspects in the investigation.

The other two suspects are to appear in court Thursday.

The same judge lifted an order which kept the two Indians arrested in solitary confinement. They can now have contact with their lawyers and family.

But the other three Moroccans who were detained at the same time – 13 March – are to remain incommunicado.

Four other suspects, who were arrested at the weekend, were ordered to be held in prison indefinitely.

They include the only Spaniard who has been arrested so far, José Manuel Suárez, who was accused of being the co-author of the terrorist attacks.

He was accused of killing 190 people and causing injuries to more than 1,400 by helping to supply explosives to the gang behind the bombings.
Nine people in all have been charged either with murder or collaboration with the terrorists.

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