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Tribute to Spanish journalist

Published on 08/04/2004

8 April 2004

BAGHDAD – Twenty Spanish journalists Thursday attended an emotional ceremony to remember Telecinco cameraman Jose Couso, who was killed a year ago by US fire in Iraq.

During the ceremony outside the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, Javier Couso, one of Jose’s brothers, accompanied by two members of the Jose Couso Family, Friends and Colleagues Collective, read a note as a tribute and to condemn his brother’s killers.

Couso was killed when a US tank mistakenly opened fire on the hotel in which most of the world’s media were staying.

The US army later claimed it believed Iraqi troops were in the hotel, but media commentators claimed it the American forces had been told where journalists were staying.

Javier’s Couso’s text highlighted the human element present throughout his brother’s professional development and demanded an independent probe into those responsible for the misdirected attack.

Thos present broke into applause after two bouquets were placed underneath the balcony where Couso was killed by a tank shell fired by US soldiers.

The ceremony concluded with Javier Couso reading an open letter to his brother expressing his hope that justice would be done.

He also recalled the millions of people who objected, a year ago, to Spain’s involvement in the US-led war in Iraq.

“Jose, I have come to tell you that we have not forgotten you and that you are with us every day,” began the letter.

He later added: “Today marks the end of a year of lies, longing and pain.”

“Thanks to you, we have seen that smart bombs and collateral damage don’t exist, only devastated houses and suffering civilians,” the letter read.

He concluded simply: “I love you.”

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