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Tragedy of baby found in cardboard box

Published on 09/02/2004

9 February 2004

MADRID – A baby was found in a cardboard box only one hour after he had been born, authorities said Monday.

The baby, who was discovered in the Paseo del Rey in central Madrid, on Monday morning died soon after being found.

The baby, who was naked in a bag in a cardboard box, died when he was taken to the Hospital Clinico in Madrid despite attempts to save his life.

He was found by a cleaner, according to the emergency services, at the offices of Renfe, the national railway service.

The umbilical cord of the baby was still attached and the infant was suffering from hypothermia and heart problems.

Ambulance workers tried to carry out heart massage but he was dead by the time he reached the hospital.

The baby had been dumped in the box without any type of coat or clothing with which to cover him.

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