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Tobacco industry faces crackdown

30 January 2004

MADRID – The manufacturers, importers and other companies involved in the tobacco trade have to inform the government what is in their cigarettes, it was announced Friday.

They must comply with this new law by 1 November.

The government order, which was made law by Royal decree, was part of a law introduced in 2002.

It comes as Spain prepares to tighten the rules governing where people can smoke in public places.

The government has proposed to introduce non-smoking areas for many restaurants, cafes and work areas.

According to the new rules governing the tobacco industry, companies have to make sure that the levels of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes comply with the levels set by the Department of Health.

According to the new legal order, cigarettes have to be marketed according to differences of type and brand.

The laboratorios authorised to control contents of the cigarettes will be independent from the tobacco industry, importers and brand companies and will have to be registred.

At the moment, the authorised laboratory is the central investigation unit for Quality Control Unit for Consumers, which will act as the laboratory of reference.

The order of the Department of Health will demand other proofs from the tobacco industry about the contents of cigarettes.

It will also reserve the possibility of sending staff to check quality at points of sale.

The Department of Health and Consumer Affairs is to make public the details of contents of products and about its list of ingredients, along with the names of the laboratories which will analyze the products.

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