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Three more terror suspects held

16 April 2004

MADRID — Three more suspects have been arrested in connection with the investigation into the 11 March terrorist attacks in Madrid, sources close to the investgation said Friday.

The three were detained Thursday in the Madrid area.

They are from Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, investigators said.

The three new suspects were currently being held incommunicado in prison.

Police have arrested 35 people in connection with the terrorist atrocity in which 192 lost their lives and more than 1,500 people were injured.

Eighteen of these, most of them Moroccan, are still in prison.

Meanwhile, six men who were arrested in connection with the bombings were released Friday, legal sources said.

Judge Juan del Olmo, who is presiding over the case, questioned the suspects at length before deciding to release them.

Ibrahim Afalah, Hassan Belhadj and Said Aharouh, who were arrested in Madrid province, and Addelghafour Adderrazzak, Mohammed Amaoua Dahdouh and Mohamed El Barrouchi, taken into custody in the southern city of Malaga, were all released.

The three men arrested in Madrid admitted  the man who rented the apartment in the suburb of Leganes where seven Islamic extremists blew themselves up as police moved in on them on 3 April.

That man may or may not have died in the blast.

Adderrazzak and Amaoua Dahdouh told the judge they knew Said Berraj, their classmate at the Spanish institute in Tangiers, in Morocco, and kept in touch with him on an occasional basis.

The probe into the bombings implicates Berraj, who is being sought under an international arrest warrant.

But police are not sure if he is alive or dead.

El Barrouchi, arrested in Malaga, is a brother-in-law of Berraj’s wife, who insists she was unaware of any ties between her husband and the 11 March bombings.

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