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Three held for gang rape

19 January 2004

MADRID – Three Ukranians were arrested for the alleged rape of a woman, who was held captive for two days in a house without food or water, police said Monday.

The victim was kidnapped as she walked her dog by two men who invited her to come to their house to collect left-overs to give to the dog.

When they were talking on the doorstep, a third man came over and asked to speak to the woman in private, sources from the Guardia Civil said.

The man raped her inside the house while other two looked on without lending assistance.

One of the other two tried to rape her but he stopped after she pleaded with him not to.

According to the victim, she was raped again the following morning and several hours later.

During the two days she remained captive in the house in Madrid and was not given food or water.

The woman eventually escaped when the men’s attention was diverted.

She reported the rape and gave the police a description of the three men, who were later arrested while they were drinking in the street.

The three men, aged 27, 28 and 40, are all illegal immigrants and have been held in a detention centre for foreigners.

The 27-year-old has been charged with rape and the others were charged with being accomplices.

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