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Three children die in blaze

Published on 10/03/2004

10 March 2004

LLEIDA – An investigation was underway Wednesday into the cause of a house fire in which three children lost their lives.

The three children died Tuesday night after they were trapped in the house in Balaguer, in Catalonia, north-east Spain.

Two brothers aged 4 and 6 and their six-year-old cousin died in the tragedy which started at about 8.30pm.

Police have opened an investigation into the fire which happened in one of the poorest parts of the town of Balaguer.

Detectives want to establish if the children were alone in the house at the time.
The fire spread rapidly through the house, from the first floor to the second, where the children were trapped.

Fire fighters believe the fire spread so quickly because of wooden timbers in the house.

Neighbours have had to be evacuated because of the damage done to the house and four surrounding buildings.

Miquel Aguilá, mayor of Balaguer, said Wednesday: “Until we are completely sure that  the buildings are habitable we cannot allow the neighbours to go back to their homes. We want to prevent any accidents.”

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