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Three Britons arrested for ‘brutal killing’

29 March 2004

ALICANTE – Three Britons were arrested for allegedly beating to death a man near a bar, police said Monday.

The three men were arrested almost a month after the attack happened in Torrevieja, near Alicante, in eastern Spain.

They were said to have attacked the victim near a bar on 29 February.

Sources at the Guardia Civil said three suspects provoked an argument with the victim then “beat him brutally”.

He was taken to hospital but died five days later from “serious head wounds”.

Police said they had problems finding the suspects, but two were arrested on Saturday and the third Sunday.

They were thought to be living locally in Torrevieja.

The three men have not been identified by the Guardia Civil. But two are aged 22 and the other suspect is 25.

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