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Thirty-four bomb victims ‘critical’

15 March 2004

MADRID – Medical authorities said Monday 243 people were still in hospitals being treated for injuries they suffered in the bomb attacks in Madrid.
Thirty-four of the victims were described as in a “very serious” condition and another 108 as “serious but stable”.
Doctors said the condition of 21 of the victims was uncertain and another 69 were said to have “light” injuries.

In all, there were 1,647 injured in the ten bomb attacks on four trains in Madrid Thursday. The number of people who have lost their lives stood at 200 Monday.
There have been 108 cases in which patients required surgery.

Three patients in a critical condition were being treated in the Doce de Octubre Hospital, one in the Hospital Central de la Defensa and five in La Paz hospital. Two others were being cared for in two other hospitals.

By next the end of next week, authorities said they would be asking for more people to give blood.
Thousands of litres were donated by members of the public across Spain the immediate aftermath of the atrocities.
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