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Thieves target Bush’s daughter

Published on 15/06/2004

15 June 2004

CADIZ –Two would-be thieves tried to steal the mobile phone of President George W Bush’s daughter Jenna as she sat having a coffee in a town near Cadiz, it emerged Tuesday.

Bodyguards fought off the thieves and they were arrested.

The incident happened as Jenna Welch Bush was sitting with friends at a cafeteria in Tarifa near Cadiz in southern Spain last Friday.

According to sources from the local police, who only made details of the incident public Tuesday, the incident happened in the Hotel Misiana in the centre of the town.

The local newspaper, Diario de Cadiz, reported how one bodyguard attacked the would-be thieves, who fell on the ground and hit a parked car.

Other bodyguards, thought to be from the United States intelligence services,  pulled out their guns.

But once Spanish police arrived, the suspects were arrested.

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