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Terror row rumbles on

Published on 10/05/2004

10 May 2004

MADRID – The opposition conservative party demanded Monday that prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero stop blaming the former government for the 11 March terrorist attacks.

The move by the right-wing Popular Party follows a row between the two parties when the new Interior Minister accused the former government of being “short-sighted” over its handling the crisis after the bomb attacks.

José Antonio Alonso, the new Socialist minister, has refused to apologise for his comments.

But they produced an angry response from PP party leaders who branded Alonso “despicable”.

Angel Acebes, the former Interior Minister, has claimed the comments went completely against the spirit of the all-party Anti-Terrorist Pact.

All parties are due to meet Wednesday to discuss the fight against terrorism. In the run-up to the meeting, the PP wants an apology from the government minister.

Acebes claimed that negotiations were going on Monday between both parties about how the meeting will be conducted.

So far, Alonso has refused to comment on the issue.

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