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Teens and kids watching less TV

5 January 2004

MADRID – Teenagers and young people are spending less time watching television, according to a survey published Monday.

Those aged between 13 and 24 spent almost eight minutes less in front of the television per day than last year, said the poll.

But in general, Spaniards spent two minutes more in 2003 watching the so-called ‘caja tonta’ – or silly box –  according to the survey by a market information company TNS.
The Spanish are avid television watchers with 99 percent of the population owning a set.

But the standard of television is something of a national joke. They even have a name for it – telebasura – or rubbish TV.

Middle-aged people, those between 45 and 64, watched more television compared with the previous year. They spend an average of 253 minutes – or four hours and 13 minutes – in front of the television. This compares to the 246 minutes they spent on average in 2002.

Pensioners and seniors also saw more television than the year before, according to the poll. On average they spend 302 minutes a day in front of their televisions.

One group whose habits have not changed was children. Those aged between four and 12 watched television for an average of two hours and 26 minutes each day.

Watching habits appear to vary according to different parts of Spain.

Those living in Andalucia and Valencia were the most avid TV watchers, spending 222 and 220 minutes each day respectively watching.

But those in Galicia and the Canary Islands watched the least, only spending up to 192 minutes each day..

 Social class appeared to dictate watching habits.  Those from the middle and working-classes watched up to 236 minutes.

But upper-class or higher-middle class watched 180 minutes – or three hours of television each day.

People who lived in inner city areas and those who lived on their own watched more than those who shared a house with others or who lived in the countryside.

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