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Teenager who shot girlfriend ‘was jealous’

Published on 06/05/2004

6 May 2004

TARRAGONA – A teenager who shot dead his 15-year-old girlfriend then turned the gun on himself in a fit of jealousy, police said Thursday.

The 18-year-old turned a hunting rifle on his girlfriend in his own house after a row about their relationship.

The boy’s mother found the two bodies in the garage of the house in the village of Mas de Barberans near Tarragaona, in Catalonia, north-east Spain Tuesday.

Their funerals were being held Thursday.

Police sources told EFE news agency that the couple had been going out for some years and had known each other since they were children.

But it appeared that the teenager became jealous.

Relatives and neighbours said they heard shouts and in the early hours of Tuesday morning before the bodies were discovered.

The double-killing shocked the small village of 700 inhabitants where both teenagers were well-known.

Friends at the Instituto de Educación Secundaria Santa Bárbara de Mas de Barberans where the couple went to school were also left stunned by the tragedy.

College director Rafael Roig Montagut said everyone was “shocked”.

“Today everyone at the college is crying,” he added.

Roig said the girl was “very pleasant and open to the whole world” though he added that she “wasn’t brilliant at her studies”.

The 18-year-old had left the collage two years ago and wanted to find work.

“He was a normal teenager of his age. He was never aggressive,” he said.

Roig could not explain why the teenager would have killed his girlfriend.

“I cannot believe that he could have killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide, he said.

“They were the typical teenage couple who went out everywhere together.”

Roig said there had been rumours that the parents of the girl did not agree with the relationship.

Classmates of both teenagers did not want to talk about the tragedy.

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