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Teenager kept prisoner then killed

Published on 05/07/2004

5 July 2004

MURCIA —A 15-year-old girl was imprisoned for three days then beaten to death by her jealous teenage boyfriend, police said Monday.

The girl’s body was found with multiple wounds in the early hours of the morning in Barriomar, an area of Murcia.

The 18-year-old boyfriend was said to have kept her locked up in a house belonging to his parents for three days while he repeatedly beat her because she “had previous boyfriends”.

At about 2am Monday, the boy confessed to neighbours that he carried out the killing.

Neighbours called police and the teenager, who has not been named, was arrested.

The boy was said to have been living rough against the wishes of his parents.

He then stole keys and broke into the home, when the parents were not staying.

The National Police said later it was believed that the couple had only been going out together for a short time, perhaps days.

Police have classified the killing as the latest example of domestic violence, bringing the number of women killed by partners or boyfriends this year to 35.

A post-mortem was being carried out Monday on the girl’s body.

Her parents were being comforted by relatives and friends.

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