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Summer heatwave killed 26 – official

Summer heat wave killed 26 – official

6 October 2004

MADRID – The summer heat claimed 26 lives in Spain this year, compared with the official death 2003 toll of 141, a health ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.

Half of this year’s fatalities came in the Canary Islands with a further five in the southern region of Andalusia.

The other fatalities were spread over five other mainly southern regions, according to a government monitoring cell in place from 1 June to 1 October.

This summer, temperatures were markedly lower than last year’s while additional preventative measures were introduced, including a free advice hotline.

Last year’s toll was the subject of much argument, however, with the Carlos III Institute noting in a study published last May that June to August 2003 saw 6,500 more deaths nationwide than normal for the period.

The Socialist government which took office in April announced in May a EUR 2.67 million (USD 3.1 million ) plan to tackle heatwaves via a three-tier early warning system based on weather forecasts.
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