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Stop ‘triumphalist’ speeding plea

Published on 04/03/2004

4 March 2004

BARCELONA – Car firms have been asked Thursday to install systems to stop drivers breaking the speed limit.

Montserrat Tura,  Interior minister of the regional parliament in Catalonia, has written to car manufacturers to ask they can explore this possibility.

Spain has one of the highest rates of deaths from car crashes with speed and drink-driving the biggest causes of accidents.

Tura asked car companies could install mechanisms to limit the speed of their cars, which could be fitted for cars in “specially worrying social groups”.

She said those cars bought by parents for their children as presents to allow them to learn to drive might be good examples.

Tura said: “We have come to the point when we should debate if speed has any positive value”.

She said car manufacturers should take special care that their advertisements do not stress driving with aggression or with high speed to “triumph socially”.

Tura added: “To limit the number of fatal accidents on the road, a social compromise, with citizens and with car companies in particular.”

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