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Spanish women second most generous in Europe at bar

25 January 2008

MADRID – Chivalrous gentlemen living in Spain should not fear for their bank balances any more: Spanish women are the second-most likely to pay for a round of drinks in Europe, according to a new survey called "The Beer Protocol," carried out by SABMiller and published yesterday.

The questionnaire, from one of the biggest breweries in the world, has revealed that 18 percent of Spanish women are prepared to assume the cost of all drinks when on a date with a potential mate. They were only beaten out by women from the United Kingdom, 19 percent of whom are prepared to dole out the cash once the barman has handed over the booze.

More than half of the women questioned – some 56 percent – said they would split the tab, while 70 percent of Spanish men said that they should pay for everything.

According to the survey, Russians and Poles have the most traditional attitudes to the question of who should pay, with 92 percent opining that men should pay for the drinks. Italians are close behind, with 91 percent believing the same.

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