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Spanish secret service probesarrest of British commandos

Published on 01/06/2004

1 June 2004

MALAGA – The Spanish secret service launched an investigation Tuesday after two British commandos were arrested in Malaga.

The British soldiers were held for four hours by police in the Andalusian city.

Hilario López Luna, spokesman for the Malaga provincial government, said Tuesday that the reason the two commandos were in Malaga is still unclear.

But he said it was believed it was related to the recent arrival in Gibraltar of the British nuclear submarine HMS Trenchant.

López Luna would only confirm that officers from the National Intelligence Centre were investigating the incident, which happened on 18 May.

The commandoes were discovered by chance when a local police patrol became suspicious of two men driving a lorry towards the beach at Malaga.

Spanish police believed  they were  involved in a drugs shipment.

Moments later, the two were arrested and later named as Andrew William H.S., 26, and Wayne G.A., who is 28.

Police found a large quantity of military equipment inside the lorry, two outboard motors, diving equipment and boxes with the Royal Navy insignia.

After calls to the head of military operations at Gibraltar, it was confirmed that both men were part of a special forces group taking military equipment from Britain to Gibraltar.

The British head of military operations explained the two men were taking equipment to Gibraltar for “tactical manoeuvres planned for 21 May”.

No charges have been brought.

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