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Spanish policeman returns 6,000 euros found in metro station

An off-duty Spanish policeman returned an envelope containing 6,000 euros (8,000 dollars) in cash which a passenger lost at a Madrid subway station, the interior ministry said Friday.

The unidentified officer was on his way to board a train to the northern city of Leon on April 16 when he spotted the envelope on the floor of the station located in the heart of the Spanish capital, it said in a statement.

Inside he found five 200-euro notes and one hundred 50-euro notes behind a white sheet of paper with the name of a company on it as well as other writing in English.

The officer, who is normally stationed at Madrid’s Barajas airport, contacted his bosses by telephone from the train to Leon to report his find.

Police were able to track down a representative of the company named on the sheet of paper found inside the envelope, who had reported the loss of the cash to police.

The man was able to decribe the contents of the letter as well as the number of bills contained inside the envelope and when the officer returned to Madrid on Monday he returned the cash to its owners.