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Home News Spanish police remove ‘indignant’ protesters

Spanish police remove ‘indignant’ protesters

Published on 05/12/2011

Spanish police on Monday removed about 100 protesters who had been occupying an abandoned central Madrid hotel and theatre since October 15.

The so-called “indignant” protesters have been speaking out against the country’s financial woes and the eviction of indebted home owners.

Authorities removed 93 people from the abandoned Madrid Hotel, located near the Puerta del Sol square where the movement began in May.

Another 10 people were removed from a nearby abandoned theatre, police said in a statement.

The 103 protesters were accused of “land theft,” but were not arrested. About 30 of the group were questioned to establish their identity.

Some of those who had been staying in the hotel had been evicted from their homes.

Spain’s “indignant” protest movement was born when thousands of people set up camp at the Puerta del Sol ahead of May 22 municipal elections to vent anger over the high jobless rate, corrupt politicians and government policies which they say favour big business and banks over ordinary people.