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Spanish police investigate al-Qaeda ‘threat to Vatican’

25 August 2005

BARCELONA — Spanish police have arrested one man in connection with alleged threats by Al Qaeda against the Vatican.

The 48-year-old man from Seville was arrested on Wednesday, police disclosed.

The arrest came after a document was sent to the Madrid daily ABC and Television Española in the name of Al Qaeda and containing threats against the Vatican.

ABC reported the document, a three-page Arabic manuscript, was mailed from Barcelona and contained the headings ‘Operation Vatican’ and ‘Iraq and the World Terrorist Attack’.

The document says ‘the Iraq war has won the Vatican’s support for the capitalist countries, all for Iraqi oil’.

“Those authorities will reap what they have sown with their support, and for those they have killed,” the document says.

It also justifies Islamic extremist bomb attacks in Madrid last year and last month in London as “acts of self-defence against the terrorism being effected in Iraq and Afghanistan”.

The investigation of the document, which was studied by police in Barcelona and Madrid, has been turned over to Spain’s National Court.

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