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Home News Spanish judges jail ex ETA chief for 105 years

Spanish judges jail ex ETA chief for 105 years

Published on 07/11/2011

Spanish judges sentenced former ETA military commander Javier García Gaztelu, alias "Txapote", to 105 years' jail on Monday for the murder of a Socialist politician and his bodyguard.

Txapote, 45, was found guilty of a car bombing that killed Basque regional lawmaker Fernando Buesa and his bodyguard Jorge Diez, in the northern town of Victoria on February 22, 2000.

Two others were wounded in the attack.

The sentence by three judges of the National Court, the highest judicial authority, was the first since ETA announced October 20 an end to violence in its fight for a Basque homeland.

Txapote has already been sentenced to a battery of jail terms:

— In June 2006, he was jailed for 50 years for the 1997 kidnapping and killing of conservative Popular Party town councillor Miguel Angel Blanco;

— In July 2006, he was given 82 years for killing former Basque Socialist leader Fernando Mugica and 18 years for an attack on a Basque Country discoteque that injured no-one;

— In September 2006, he was sentenced to 26 years for the 1994 killing of a police officer in San Sebastian;

— In December 2006, he was condemned to 30 years in jail for the 1995 killing lawmaker Gregorio Ordonez, then head of the Popular Party for the Basque region of Guipuzcoa.

In practice, jail terms in Spain are limited to a maximum 40 years.