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Spanish football rocked by bribery scandal

Published on 25/03/2004

25 March 2004VIGO -Spanish professional football  has been shaken by allegations that unidentified individuals tried to bribe a player to help throw a game, it was reported Thursday.

Celta, in north-west city of Vigo, rejected any connection to an alleged attempt to bribe members of the club Racing de Santander, its recent opponent in a first division match.

Racing executives filed a complaint with the Spanish Soccer Federation, or RFEF, against two individuals – neither with any apparent connection to Celta.

They claim they attempted to bribe the team’s Uruguayan striker, Mario Ignacio Regueiro.

In a statement, Celta said it “rejects any insinuation linking it to acts contrary to proper sporting conduct”.

Celta added its officials are ready to “provide the necessary cooperation to the RFEF to clear up the alleged irregularities that Racing mentions in its complaint”.

News of the alleged bribe attempt has rocked the Galician club, which has said it will not comment any further on the matter.

Sebastian Mendez, an Argentine who plays for Celta, said the allegations seemed to him “very strange” and “not very credible”.

“In the event they wanted to bribe someone, the logical choice would be the goalkeeper, I don’t see the sense in (bribing) a striker,” he added.

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