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Spain to recruit7,000 more police

Published on 23/01/2004

23 January 2004

MADRID – The government is to recruit more than 7,000 new police officers, it was announced Friday.

The new officers will be made up of 4,275 more members of the local police and 3,028 members of the Guardia Civil, which is the national police force.

Angel Acebes, Minister of the Interior, said this would be the biggest recruitment drive for public employees since 1982

The move follows promises by the government to create new 20,000 jobs between 2002 and 2004.

Speaking at a press conference in Madrid Friday, Acebes said the increase in the numbers of officers in both forces would “better guarantee” Spaniards’ security.

Acebes add that the new officers’ duties will include daily patrols, especially at times when most offences happen, and the creation of a special service to reinforce security during public festivals and at night.

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