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Spain should put cameras in prisons – Amnesty

Published on 11/06/2004

11 June 2004

MADRID – Spain should install cameras in its jails to stop ETA prisoners from being tortured, the Secretary General of Amnesty International said Friday.

Irene Khan, who was visiting Madrid, said the government should also stop some ETA prisoners being kept in solitary confinement.

Khan said these measures should also apply to other political prisoners.

Khan said the installation of cameras in prisons “could prevent torturing not only of ETA prisoners but also of other prisoners who might be victims of racism”.

However, she added that these measures would not only benefit the prisoners, but allow the authorities to demonstrate that they cannot be falsely accused of torturing those in captivity.

Khan said: “If the government is 100 percent sure that the allegations are false then it should have no fear of installing cameras like this.”

Keeping prisoners in solitary confinement or without any contact with the outside world – which is the case in some terrorism cases – could “facilitate” torture, warned Khan.

Her comments came after a recent report by the human rights group accused Spain of torturing ETA prisoners and other political detainees.

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