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Spain ‘second worst in world for noise pollution’

Published on 26/03/2004

26 March 2004

GRANADA – Former district attorney and Supreme Court magistrate Carlos Granados urged citizens Friday to report excess noise in order to help reduce noise pollution.

Granados, who campaigns on the issue, said excess noise is one  of the most serious environmental disorders and harmful to human health.

Speaking at the I National Congress on Penal Studies in Granada, Granados said he wanted to  point out the legal possibilities that citizens have to defend themselves from ‘acoustic contamination’.

He claims it not only endangered people’s health, but seriously affected personal development.

Granados also claimed that Spain is only second to Japan in terms of noise pollution and urged authorities to step in.

He said it had been proven that excessive noise levels cause serious physical and mental disorders.

He urged people to report it  to local authorities, while the autonomous – or regional – government were responsible for the damage caused by large industries.

City councils are responsible for noise caused by traffic, especially motorcycles, and must issue the corresponding fines.

Repeated offences could legally be classified as crimes liable to a prison sentence of up to 4 years, said Granados.

Barcelona city authorities have targeted people and businesses which are causing noise pollution in a drive to try combat the problem.

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