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Spain PM blasts ‘repugnant’ video of students insulting women

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Thursday described as “repugnant” a viral video of male students at a Madrid university residence cheering after one of them screamed obscenities at female students.

In the video recorded at night a man at a building across from a residence for female students can be heard screaming “Whores, come out of your burrows like rabbits, you are nymphomaniac whores”.

The man also threatened sexual assault before groups of men at windows of the male residence hall raised their window shutters in unison and cheered and shouted their own insults.

The video, which spread widely on social media, dominated headlines in Spain and was condemned by various politicians, including Sanchez, a self-described feminist.

“We can’t tolerate such behaviours which generate hate and attack women…Enough of sexism,” he tweeted.

Asked about the video at a gathering of European leaders in Prague, Sanchez called the behaviour of the men in the video “inexplicable, unjustified and absolutely repugnant”.

The incident took place at Colegio Mayor Elias Ahuja, a residence for male students run by a Catholic religious order at the prestigious Complutense University.

The directors of the residence condemned the “unacceptable expressions made by a group of students” and apologised to the students at the female residence.

The residence said several of the male students involved had been expelled.

Opened in 1969, a room at the Colegio Mayor Elias Ahuja costa around 1,100 euros a month.

A former head of the main opposition Popular Party (PP), Pablo Casado, stayed there when he was a university student.