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Spain moves to comply with Kyoto

Published on 21/06/2004

21 June 2004

MADRID – Spain pledged Monday to cut the level of carbon dioxide emissions by 1.4 percent over the next three years.

It is the second phase of a programme which will see Spain conform with the international Kyoto agreement on pollution levels by 2012.

The agreement states that pollutants like carbon dioxides cannot rise more than 15 percent above the level of these gases in 1990.

Spain has pledged not to allow the emission levels from exceeding 24 percent. 

Cristina Narbona, minister of Environment, pledged Monday to complete the latest part of Spain’s National Emissions Plan.

The plan is to be formally approved by parliament next month.

Narbona said that the government would act to “minimise” the extra energy taxes for consumers and industry.

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