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Suspect in Spain police murder agrees to be extradited to Italy

A Serbian-born man arrested in Spain over the killing of three men agreed Sunday to be extradited to Italy where he is wanted for robbery and murder, a Spanish court said.

Police arrested Norbert Feher on Friday in a rural area of Teruel province in the northeastern region of Aragon, where the slaying of two police officers and a rancher happened a day earlier.

During questioning by a judge, the 36-year-old said he had been in Spain since September and agreed to be sent back to Italy, the Superior Court of Justice of Aragon said in a statement.

The court said Italy could ask for him to be temporarily returned so he could stand trial for homicide and robberies before serving a possible prison sentence in Spain for the triple murder.

The Spanish judge took the testimony of Feher, who Italian media said was nicknamed “Igor the Russian”, to comply with a European arrest warrant Italy had issued for him.

Another judge on Sunday ordered that he be remanded in custody without bail while the triple murder in Teruel is investigated, as well as a shooting in the area a few days before which police suspect Feher carried out.

That incident involved an intruder breaking into a country house and wounding the owner as well as another person, according to local press reports.

Spanish police said Feher was in possession of three firearms at the time of his arrest, two belonging to the murdered officers.