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Spain is Brits’ favourite holiday destination

27 November 2003

LONDON – Spain has taken over from France as the favourite holiday destination for Britons, it was reported Thursday.

The British Office for National Statistics said the number of trips to Spain increased last year by 6.2 percent to 12.5 million, while visits to France increased by just 1.3 percent to 12.1 million.

The Spanish economy made EUR 7 billion from British visitors who stayed for an average of 11 nights. In comparison, Britons spent EUR 5 billion and and stayed an avergae of five nights.

Despite the popularity of Spanish resorts with the British, the country has always taken second place to France as the destination of choice for holidaymakers travelling to the Continent.

British holiday makers spent a total of EUR 37.8 billion on overseas trips in 2002, while UK revenue from foreign visitors amounted to EUR 16.3 billion.

After Spain and France, the most popular foreign holiday destinations for Britons were Portugal, Italy, Austria and Greece.

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