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Spain is a nation of bloggers

3 December 2003

MADRID – Blogging is the new trend in Spain – official.

Víctor Domingo, president of the Spanish Association of Internet Users, said that blogging is booming in Spain.

Blogging, or weblogging, is a trend that began in the US, where currently over 3 million people are joined by a new user online every 40 seconds.

Blogs, or weblogs, which in Spanish are also called logbooks, are private web pages with a newspaper format where registered users write opinions, suggestions and links to other pages.

According to Domingo: “There several weblogs (in Spain) run by journalists with high quality news, whether political or of any other nature, including the Iraq war or the Prince of Asturias’ upcoming wedding”.

He added: “It isn’t strange for a weblog to receive 6,000 visits and 100 commentaries in 24 hours”.

The advantage of weblogs is that they are easy to visit and maintain and their creation is outgrowing that of web pages, said Domingo.

Compared with the US, where 50% of the population has access to the Internet, only 28% of Spaniards are said to be online.

Domingo said weblogging figures are lower but steadily growing.

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