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Spain comes to standstill for El Clasico, part II

Published on 11/04/2005

11 April 2005

MADRID – Who is going to win the race to the line between Real Madrid and Barcelona is sure to dominate bar room conversation for another month.

Love it or hate it, El Clasico – the football match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona – is hard to avoid.

Madrid won 4-2 in what is always a hard-fought which means so much more than just sport.

Indeed, it pitches the capital against Spain’s second city, Barcelona, or the Spaniards against the Catalans.

On Monday, almost all the front pages in the newspapers carried images of the game and television channels carried endless repeats of the goals themselves.

Streets in many parts of Spain were deserted during the game itself on Sunday night as crowds packed into bars to watch the action.

The result itself means Madrid, and its team of multi-millionaires which include England stars David Beckham and Michael Owen, are only six points behind league leaders Barcelona.

The next six weeks, while the final games are played out, will be nail-biting stuff not just for the fans. Apart from who wins La Liga, this is now a matter of fierce regional pride, proving that Spain is the sum of parts, not a united country like France. 

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