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Spain boosts anti-terror measures

17 March 2004

MADRID – The hunt for the bombers behind the 11 March massacre has reached a “decisive phase”, Spain’s Interior Minister said Wednesday.

Angel Acebes, outgoing minister for the ousted Popular Party government, did not expand on why the investigation had reached this point.

Police have identified six Moroccans who were said to be behind the attacks, one of whom has been arrested.

Acebes also announced an increase in security measures across the country in the wake of the Madrid massacre.

He said he was holding talks with members of the new Socialist administration about introducing the measures gradually over the next few days.
Security at places where there are large groups of people, such as tourist sites, train stations, airports and sporting events, is to be increased in an effort to protect against another terrorist attack, said Acebes.

Military bases, along with police stations, will also see a higher degree of security.

Acebes said this was part of a general increase in anti-terrorist measures across Europe.

Police chiefs in London, Rome and Paris along with many other major cities have warned that they may be the next target of Islamic militant terror groups.

It also comes as security was raised at Barajas airport in Madrid with more checks on ground staff and air crews who have to enter ‘sensitive’ security areas.

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