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Son stabs mother to death in church

Published on 15/12/2003

15 December 2003

LUGO – A pensioner was stabbed to death by her own son in a church, police said Monday.

Carmen Martín Vilariño, 76, was found bleeding to death in the church after a heated argument with her son.

She tried to fight him off but he had stabbed her repeatedly with a 17cm-long knife.
Neighbours called police when they heard the pensioner shouting.

Ambulance workers arrived and gave her first aid.

But Sra Vilarino was later pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

The Guardia Civil later arrested a 47-year-old man, who was named as Sra Vilarino’s son.
The tragedy happened in the church of Santa Eulalia, in the town of Panton, near Lugo in Galicia.

Police said the murder took place on Sunday morning.

Exactly what the mother and son were arguing about is still under investigation.

The mother was found with a number of stab wounds, including cuts on her hands.

Police said the cuts showed she had tried to fight off her son.

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