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Son kills mother then hides body in quicklime

5 February 2004

BARCELONA – A 46-year-old man has admitted killing his mother and keeping her body hidden in quicklime since 2002, police said Thursday.

The man had told his relatives that his 70-year-old mother was living in a home for the elderly.

But relatives started to get worried after they had not seen her for more than a year.

The man later confessed the crime to police and divulged the whereabouts of his mother’s body to officers.

He said he killed her by stabbing her with a knife in the back of the neck.

The son had preserved his mother’s body since November 2002 when he killed her, then put her body in quicklime in his second-floor flat in Esplugues de Llobregat, on the outskirts of Barcelona.

The man was arrested Wednesday morning when police from the local force and the murder squad called at his flat to clarify some contradictions in his testimony about her disappearance. Then he confessed the crime to police.

Earlier, relatives of the victim had complained to police they were worried about her disappearance.

They claimed the son had given vague explanations about her whereabouts.

The police started to question the man about his 70-year-old mother and detected contradictions in his version of events.

According to police, the son was moved to another police station where he admitted that the information he gave about her staying at a home for the elderly was false – and confessed to the crime.

The police said Thursday the son revealed that the body of his mother had been hidden since November 2002 in the house where they both lived.

Police later found the mother’s body preserved in quicklime in one of the rooms in the flat.

Her body had a precise wound to the neck, according to the autopsy carried out Thursday.

The killer had used a large knife, which was later found in the house.

According to police, the motive for the killing could have been a trauma which the son suffered at the hands of his mother.

The son is expected to appear in court Friday.

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